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Floor Plans Illustration
The Lurgan00306$2,8061 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView10/27/2019
The Lurgan00401$3,2662 bed / 1 bath885 sq ftView11/5/2019
The Lurgan00408$2,8161 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView10/5/2019
The Lurgan00409$2,8411 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView9/28/2019
The Lurgan00503$3,4912 bed / 2 bath1,039 sq ftViewAvailable Now
The Lurgan00603$3,5012 bed / 2 bath1,039 sq ftView10/8/2019
The Lurgan00609$2,8611 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftViewAvailable Now
The Lurgan00715$3,0161 bed / 1 bath744 sq ftView11/19/2019
The Lurgan00814$2,7311 bed / 1 bath737 sq ftView9/19/2019
The Lurgan00902$2,2961 bed / 1 bath513 sq ftView10/2/2019
The Lurgan00917$2,9711 bed / 1 bath819 sq ftView9/24/2019
The Lurgan01103$3,4762 bed / 2 bath1,039 sq ftViewAvailable Now
The Lurgan01104$2,5211 bed / 1 bath684 sq ftView10/12/2019
The Lurgan01106$2,8861 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView11/4/2019
The Lurgan01112$2,8061 bed / 1 bath686 sq ftView11/8/2019
The Lurgan02201$3,5412 bed / 2 bath1,119 sq ftViewAvailable Now
The Lurgan02303$3,2311 bed / 1 bath855 sq ftView11/5/2019
The Lurgan02505$2,6161 bed / 1 bath685 sq ftView10/6/2019
*All pricing is subject to change at any time.**Special applies to available now (vacant) units and does not apply to on notice apartments.***Floor plans are an artist's rendering. Details and dimensions may differ from actual plans.
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